Logical Gal extols “First things, first!”

14 Oct

The wisdom and simplicity of ‘First things, first’ hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was listening to a discussion between a Christian and an agnostic/atheist.

The non-Christian started to list many evils done in the name of Christ.  The Christian graciously stopped him with this simple question: “Before we look at both the good and the bad actions of those who call themselves Christians, would it be okay with you if we look first at the claims of Christianity?  After all, Christians affirm many different events and statements about a historical man in 1st century Palestine who claimed to be God.  If those claims don’t prove to be true, it’s a certain waste of both your time and mine to go any further in our discussion.”

How brilliant is that!!!  And it’s logical.

Peter Kreeft, in his book Socractic Logic, describes what he calls ‘three aspects of reality’: terms, propositions and arguments. Remember that terms are either clear or unclear (ambiguous), propositions are either true or false and arguments are either valid or invalid.

So, in keeping with the ORDER of logical thought, we need to determine the truth or falsity of  propositions BEFORE we start to proceed via argumentation into implications.  Claims are going to be either true or false.  They can’t be both and there is no other alternative.

My impatience to jump into explaining my point of view has cost me frustration AND time.  And no doubt I have used up much good will in certain relationships.

Employing simple principles of logic and clear thinking benefits all of life!

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