Logical Gal surprised at those who ban free speech

20 Dec

” A content editor on Reddit’s science forum wrote Monday that the site has banned climate-change skeptics, and asks why more news outlets haven’t done the same.” 
Here’s the article

Hard to believe, isn’t it!  My first reaction is:

  • What is Reddit afraid of?

My next thought was:

  • The content police of Reddit must think that their readers can’t exercise enough intelligence to discern good arguments from poor arguments!

Do they really need to fear the truth?  If the so-called Climate Deniers can’t advance rational reasons for their point of view, then their argument will crumble on its own.

Don’t hide from Truth!

What is ominous is how totalitarian this action feels.   Think Nazi Germany or Marxist Soviet Union  – organizations that only allowed their approved message.

So what’s the best antidote for dealing with controversial issues?  –  Critical thinking skills that  allow you to think through and question whatever doesn’t line up with truth.  But we mustn’t forget to be kind in both our written and our spoken tone.  It could be that those advancing the minority view on Reddit had been harsh, badgering and/or vulgar.  Shame on them and us if that is the case!  Name-calling is easy and requires no thinking skills.

Question: Where do you need to take the high road, carefully picking your words but  NOT backing  away from a hot issue?


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