Logical Gal and Jesus as source of Logic

25 Dec

Greek letters LOGOS mean word

It thrills me that God is a thinking, rational God.

Whether you look in the Old or New Testaments, you can’t help but see many commands to think correctly, reason well, employ your mind sufficiently.

God actually INVITES us to think through propositions and truth with Him.  And Jesus Himself points to evidence as a way to back up His words.  He invites those who don’t believe His words, to look at His miracles.  The essay below discusses this divine invitation NOT to fear thinking through doubts.

A blog post about nurturing a thinking faith that includes doubts

But on this Christmas Day, 2013, let me leave you with an encouragement to continue to develop your argumentation skills as you THINK through issues whether in politics, moral issues of the day or questions of faith.  If the creator of the entire universe is called the Logic, the ‘Logos’ which is Greek for WORD, then know that we humans, made in God’s image, are wired to think and use words as well.

God uses them for good, and we, too, have that choice. So don’t be afraid to seek, discern, distinguish and parse out propositional Truth.  Our experience of the Living Truth will be so much richer, the more we apply our minds to understanding the Truth, the Logos.

May you rest knowing that at the core of the universe is a logical, good, joy-filled and joy-sharing living God. Rejoice!

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