Logical Gal and the Law of Non-Contradiction

19 Feb

Knowing how to use the Law of Non-Contradiction helps us think.  

This rule states that something cannot both be and not be in the same way at the same time.

My most favorite example addresses whether someone IS pregnant or is NOT pregnant.  A woman clearly cannot both BE with child and NOT be with child.

But many scenarios don’t present themselves as clearly as the above example.  We have to sort of ‘translate’ the situation into a ‘Kansas and not-Kansas’ fashion.

This morning I heard an apologist use the Law of Non-Contradiction in this more complicated way.  But because I have previously encountered the reason he was offering for an argument, I could recall how to set up the particulars.

He was in dialogue with another man about the 3 explanations for the origin of the universe.  Here were the 3 choices he mentioned.

Choice # 1:  The universe has already existed.

Choice # 2:  The universe had a beginning and therefore something or someone caused it.

Choice # 3:  The universe caused itself to come into existence.

It is this 3rd choice that is logically fallacious because of the Law of Non-Contradiction.  And that was all the apologist said.  It was left up to us, the listeners, to think through how that is so.

And this is the implication:  The universe would have to both BE and NOT-BE at the same time.  We’re imagining NON-SENSE for how can something both NOT exist and exist?

Furthermore, that scenario is  like…..MAGIC!  something from nothing.

You might feel you’re way over your head when it comes to scientific discussions.  But being able to spot when someone breaks the Law of Non-Contradiction is a tool that will at least empower you to ASK the one advancing the assertion to stop and think.  That in itself is useful!

Question:  Where has someone tried to use the Law of Non-Contradiction on you?

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