Logical Gal – an explanation is NOT an argument

16 Apr

Explanation is NOT an argument

The discussion shifted  back and forth about the various flood stories.

Can we attribute the plethora of cataclysmic water myths in different cultures to one actual world-wide  historical flood?

The fellow from the British Museum offered the following:

The Hebrew account of Noah and his ark was written INTO the Jewish bible at the time of the Babylonian captivity!

Flood and an Ark

Here’s how his story went:

  • Daniel along with his fellow Hebrew brights were schooled by the very best Babylonian scholars.
  • They learned to read cuneiforms.
  • They studied the Babylonian stories of the Mesopotamian flood from the cuneiforms.
  • They adjusted/tweaked the existent Hebrew holy scrolls, adding the flood story back into the texts.

My antennae perked up right away!  Here’s the caveat when dealing with ‘possible explanations‘:

An explanation is NOT an argument!

One can offer a whole host of possible stories of how something might happen, but the burden of proof is nonetheless still on the advancer to offer reasons of substance.

As easy comeback to remember and use when you spot this fallacious line of thinking is:

  • Well gee, one could say this or one could say anything!

Possible explanations


You do NOT need to address their story until they have sufficiently, soundly and logically defended it.  No pressure on you, but to just reverse the burden of proof!






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