Logical Gal and how commercials work

11 Jun

Jeans ad - fallacy

What FEELINGS arise from looking at this print ad?

  • energy
  • youth
  • city life
  • casual style

But what do we NOT know about these particular jeans?

  • how well the material will wear and last
  • how they do in the wash
  • whether the dye will run
  • how the jeans FEEL on our body, their comfort

Now what about this product?

sunglasses ad

Feelings that emerge are:

  • elegance
  • availability
  • beauty
  • innocence and vulnerability

But what are sunglasses for? and why should we buy these particular ones? Will I become that person in the ad? 

Furthermore, if I’m in the market for dating or style advice, wouldn’t it be better to contract explicitly for THAT service.  Don’t confuse me when I’m in the market for sunglasses!  Don’t sell me a vision of what my life COULD be were I so ‘lucky’ and ‘elite’ enough to buy and use your brand!


Marketing strategies

Marketing thrives on both blatant AND subtle messages that emanate from a brand.  We, the consumer, benefit from knowing the devices behind their ad campaigns.  And once ‘on to’ what drives them, then we can be wiser with our purchases.

Question: think of a particular ad or commercial that you enjoy or are moved by. What are they explicitly or implicitly selling BESIDE their product?



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