Logical Gal and courage to ask some questions

17 Sep

Questions - ask them

As a woman, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by assertive naturalist types who claim that evolution IS the only rational explanation for the way life is.  I guess I’m taken back by their self-assurance and confidence.

But gradually as I’ve listened to podcasts by thoughtful, rational and well-educated /well-credentialed scientists and philosophers who are Christian, I’ve learned some questions that might come in handy.

Actually there is NO reason ever to feel intimidated by anyone because we can ALWAYS ask a question.  The more we learn about someone’s position, not only do we ‘buy time’, but we gain insight that can be very helpful in future conversations.

Here are a few questions I have learned to ask:

  • When a self-proclaimed materialist says: “Intelligent Design is NOT science!” Ask: What do you call a theory that is based on physical data and uses logical inferences? (Michael Behe of the Discovery Institute’s response)
  • When you encounter this claim: “Evolution accounts for all our human development” Ask: How can you trust reason if it comes from a non-rational source? (materialists claim we are just molecules in motion)
  • When up against the assertion,”There are no absolute moral values!” Ask: How can you be sure?
  • When someone is going on and on about the strength or beauty of the theory of evolution, Ask: If survivability is what ensures that species continue and evolve, then truth is not necessary.  And if truth is not necessary, why should I trust your theory of evolution?
  • When you encounter a resurrection-denier who says, “Dead men don’t rise on their own!” Ask: Do you believe in the theory of Cause and Effect?  (Christians don’t claim that Jesus rose on his own, but that God supernaturally raised him!)
  • When faced with pushback from someone who needs ‘logical certainty’ before he’ll believe the truth claims of Christianity Ask: Did you have that kind of certainty when you got married?  (Practical certainty is what most of us live by)

These are just a few questions I am adding to my ‘rational thinking tool bag’.  What about you?  Which questions have served you well?

Bag of tools

3 Responses to “Logical Gal and courage to ask some questions”

  1. scmike2 October 16, 2014 at 10:02 am #

    Hey Logical Gal, I’m glad I found your blog today! When I engage non-believers (i.e. athiests/ evolutionists) regarding science, I like to ask them about their logical justification for believing in the validity of the scientific method to begin with. All science is founded upon the principal of induction, which assumes that the future will most likely resemble the past (the uniformity of nature). This belief makes sense in a Christian worldview based upon the promises of God in Genesis (and elsewhere) that He will sustain His creation in a basically uniform way such that mankind can ‘subdue it and have dominion over it’. On the other hand, the materialist has zero rational basis for such an expectation in their worldview, as there is no reason for them to believe that ANYTHING will continue to remain as it is 2 seconds from now in a random chance, constantly changing universe. Often they will argue that they believe the future WILL resemble the past because the future HAS resembled the past (in the past), which is, of course, question begging. It is usually at that point that I remind them that believing in things (such as science) without any rational basis is the very definition of an irrational position!

    Also, if you’d like, I have a post on my blog that you might enjoy and find relevant to this as well. http://christianammunition.com/2014/05/07/questions-for-the-evolutionist/

    In Christ,


    • Maria October 16, 2014 at 10:54 am #

      Mike – thanks for your thoughts and the link to the post. I like your questions because they are empowering. Anything to get others to think through to logical conclusions! May God be made much of through your writing!


      • scmike2 October 16, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

        Thank you for the kind words, Maria, and for stopping by the site! May God continue to use you and your blog for His glory. Blessings,


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