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Logical Gal makes some distinctions

15 Nov

When you explain that your request is REASONABLE, what do you mean?  

Are you suggesting that it is supported by sound reason?  or rather that what you are asking is not too demanding?

Many terms have several meanings.  When the meanings point to entirely DIFFERENT concepts, such as:

  • a pitcher of water
  • or a baseball pitcher

…we call the terms  EQUIVOCAL.

The term ‘reasonable’  then, is equivocal.

Another category of terms are considered analogical.  These kind of concepts are related, so that they share something in common, but there are differences.  Something can have  a straight edge and you can also refer to unembellished news like this:  “Just give it to me straight!”   They both share the sense of NO TURNS.

In our current society, there is a term that can be taken in two different, but related ways.  I’m referring to the idea of GUILT.

If I were to ask you,What are you going to do with your guilt?“, I can guess with a high probability of being correct, that you would take that question to be directed to your FEELINGS of guilt.  So you might respond, “I don’t feel guilty, and if I eat too much chocolate or I hurt my neighbor’s feelings, I take care of those matters right away!”

But that’s not the guilt I’m talking about.  I mean, the actual offenses that each one of us accrues daily.  There is a sentence of guilt that grows larger and larger the longer we live.

The Bible teaches that our guilt is our major problem.  Hourly, we offend a Holy God.  And one day, we will appear before Him for sentencing.  That is the ‘weightier’ concept of guilt that I think Americans often skip right past.

So you see? –  gaining clarity about terms is REALLY  the first responsibility of a logical Joe or Jane. And clarity requires thinking.  And thinking requires TIME and effort.  Inertia, laziness, routine, apathy all war against our commitment to think intentionally.  But this kind of effort is worth it.  After all, one’s eternal destination hangs in the balance!