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Logical Gal thinks through ‘Income Disparity’

23 May

Haven’t you had enough of people deciding what is enough for you and me?

Income Inequality - scales

Recently the editorial staff of our local newspaper gave an F

F - failing grade

to what they call “another example of runaway income disparity in America

That blanket assessment left me with many questions.  And as you know, QUESTIONS are the stock and trade of all Logical Joes and Janes!

Here are a few:

·      What is wrong with income disparity?
·      Why does it bother people so much?
·      Who designed the measurement against which income levels are evaluated?  And who invested THESE folks with the authority, respect and cachet to be quoted?
·      How come professional athletes and movie stars get a pass?
·      Why is business the category that is most maligned?
·      Isn’t this reaction just jealousy and covetousness, thinly veiled as self-righteous indignation?

Income inequality - tax the rich

This morning I was listening to a pastor think through aloud whether those who die as believing Christians are aware of us here on Earth.  Interesting question, no?  His response  seemed to follow on nicely, though tangentially, to this discussion of  ‘enough’.   Here is his conclusion:   God will provide believers in heaven exactly what is sufficient……..

FOR their complete joy!!!

Fullness of joy

I wasn’t expecting those last 4 words, ‘for their complete joy‘.  And that got me thinking that the next time I encounter a smug Joe or Jane citizen who purports to know best what I, MARIA, need, I will continue the discussion with this….

You assert that I should be satisfied with X, that …..

X is enough for what?

  • for subsistence?
  • for my enjoyment?
  • for my satisfaction?
  • and what about the very American foundational principle of the Pursuit of Happiness…..?  Have we abandoned that value via the mechanism of the loudest, most clamoring, strident and angry voices?

Pursuit of happiness