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Logical Gal savors distinctions, again!

4 Dec

I tell you, these distinctions and detailed differences really make life rich!

But the trick is…you have to SEE them!  And that is far harder than it sounds.  Each time someone actually MAKES a distinction and I hear it, I am amazed.  I haven’t yet gotten into the habit of automatically asking the all-important question…”As opposed to WHAT????

Yesterday, I was listening to Mark Driscoll introduce the book of Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament.

Straight off the bat, God is recorded in Chapter 1, vs 2 as announcing: I have loved you!

I would have read right past that if the pastor had not stopped and drawn the distinction between THIS God and all other so-called gods.  Which god loves his people first, if at all?  Does Buddha? Does Allah?  Does Krishna?  And how about all those references to an impersonal force? – “Use the Force, Luke!” 

Impersonal forces don’t love.

And the other Gods I mentioned? maybe they offer love IF you….DO…this and that..and EARN it.

Only the Hebrew and Christian God love first.  For God SO loved the world that He gave….(John 3:16)

What distinction have YOU noticed that makes a difference in your life?   Words have consequences!