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Logical Gal ponders Screwtape…..

18 Nov

As we approach Friday’s interesting anniversary of the deaths of 3 important men (50 years since CS Lewis, JFK and Aldous Huxley departed this life), I have, as a Christian who loves to think, enjoyed a renewed interest in CS Lewis and his many literary and theological works.

His portrayal of devils actively scheming to abort God’s plan to convert humans came to mind this morning in church.  I was in a funk, consumed with unnamed, murky worries of all that I have to do in the next few weeks.  The funny thing is, as I stood OUTSIDE of myself doing some self-chiding for not giving over these worries to God in the form of prayer, my overwhelming feeling was one of laziness.  I just didn’t want to make the effort to actually THINK through what I wanted, necessary work to formulate a measurable prayer!

I was being a LAZY EMOTER!  Just like the people I critique who don’t take the time to formulate REASONS for what they believe.

Rather, I wallow in feelings when I’m too lazy to put them into words.

I don’t respect people on EITHER side of the political or faith spectrum who just assert, badger and resort to fallacies.  That’s pure laziness!

But here I was, this morning, doing the very same thing – to myself!!

Maybe there IS a conspiracy, a plan by Satan and his worker-bee evil spirits (aka – fallen angels) to induce Christians and pre-Christians, NOT to think.

Prayer did get me out of that funk and I wrote about it here at this link:  (My other blog, about God and the Christian life)

My point?  Clear thinking is useful in every domain and should not be limited to just ‘intellectual’ pursuits.  We’re to love God with our minds, too!

Maybe those who emote and resort to name calling and verbal boxing could use some prayer.  And maybe our prayer life could use some thinking!